Overview - An established grocery store in South Delhi, dealing in 5,000 SKUs, faced difficulty with return customers.  The store, despite having a variety of goods and the right pricing, was finding it difficult to get customers back due to e-commerce websites.  The growth was minimal despite potential and location.

The Solution - With the implementation of our retail shop solution, which the store encouraged its customer to install, it was able to provide ease of use to its customer, who could place orders over the app from their mobile.  The store started reaching out to its customers with new products, offerings, schemes, and discounts over the app.  It took 16 hours to configure, train and deploy, the store, as well as its customer, could track their deliveries over the app, leading to customer satisfaction and retention.

Outcome - 40% of the customers gave multiple repeat orders, month-over-mmonth, with bigger order sizes.

  • Client
    An Established Grocery Store in South Delhi
  • Budget
  • Duration
    16 Hours

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